About me

Travel and lifestyle French journalist, living in Lisbon, Sabine Bouvet travels the world searching for close and remote paradises, radiant encounters, living intensely. She feeds on the world’s beauty.

Sabine loves…

waking up at dawn, having breakfast under a jasmin pergola, cosy ponchos, cycling on tiny islands, pastéis de nata, swallows flying in the evening pink sky of Lisbon, family, crèpes in Brittany, cafés terraces, processions, Hawaiian lilikoi butter, scones & clotted cream, jumping in a frozen pond after a sauna, surfing smooth and long waves, gnocchi alla bava, running on the beach, reading wrapped up in a plaid, dancing barefoot on the grass under the stars, ice skating on a lake, picking mulberries, gardenia flowers after the rain, dreams….

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1- What publications do you work for ?
Air France Madame, Madame Figaro, Metropolitan, the Louis Vuitton City Guides .

2- Where are you based ?
In Lisbon for its marvelous light and the ocean.

3- What is your fondest travel ?
Maui, in Hawaii. I have relatives there. So it’s like a second home. I’m just enraptured by its beauty every time.

portrait S. Bouvet_ Bénédicte Lechrist
Sabine Bouvet _carnaval Paraty 1

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Photos :
1. Emmanuel Bouvet
2. Axelle de Russé
3. Bénédicte Lechrist
4. Manuel Zublena