Air France Madame

On the banks of the Tagus, and at the edge of Europe, Lisbon cultivates its own seductive version of the good life.

Lisboa Mood

Surrounded by a turquoise lagoon off the southwestern tip of Cornwall in the UK, the Isles of Scilly feel like a little corner of Polynesia in the Celtic Sea.

Tropical Transplant

Savoring the benefits of Ayurveda at Somatheeram, an extraordinary wellness center in southern India.

Peace and plenitude

The Japanese ski resort of Niseko is renowned for its stunning setting and fine powder snow, and for the imaginative installations of the Odin design collective.

Drifts and dreams

Discovering Germany’s Baltic coast, from the beauty of the island of Rügen to holistic well-being in Stellshagen.

Basking on northern shores

Tetiaroa, “the land that stretches to the horizon,” harbored Marlon Brando’s dreams of paradise, now made a reality by a resort called The Brando.

Reaching for Eden

High in the Pyrenees, Termas de Tiberio is a temple of wellness and contemporary design.

Summit of well-being

From Gotland to Stockholm, savoring the long days of summer in Sweden’s sun-soaked islands.

Northern light

Amidst majestic dunes, haunting moors and idyllic bays, an enchanting odyssey in northern Scotland.

Edge of the world

Home of stunning, unspoiled Hanalei Bay, Kauai is the most glamorous of the Hawaiian Islands.

Kauai Basking in beauty

A road trip through the vineyards of Napa Valley, a sun-drenched region with a nearly European feel, but steeped in the sybaritic Californian lifestyle.

Where the good life grows

A drive to Hana along the coast of Maui, as the island works its magic on body, heart and soul.

Pure Nature

The city on the Tagus has become a hotbed of creativity in cuisine, fashion, the arts, design…

Lisbon’s new life

High on a ridge in the hills of central Italy, an exclusive hotel in a medieval tower overlooks an ageless, grandiose landscape.

At one with Umbria